Healthiest Ways to Cook Meat

Meat is an excellent source of protein which our body needs for growth and development. Meat also provides essential amino acids and vitamins for maintaining good health. Although meat provides plenty of benefits, it also contains saturated fats which increase total cholesterol. Thankfully there are healthy ways of cooking meat to help reduce the amount of… Read More »

How Healthy is Sushi for you?

The first thing that many people think of when it comes to sushi is that it is a raw food. But in truth, not all foods at the sushi bar are raw. The sushi that is raw needs to be well-controlled in order to prevent bacterial growth. As long as raw sushi is cared for… Read More »

Facts about Junk Food

An estimate suggests that Frito Lay sells one billion bags of Cheetos per year Consumption of junk food provides little or no nutrition due to unhealthy ingredients. Junk food is often considered unhealthy especially when eaten regularly. Credit for the phrase ‘junk food’ is given to Michael Jacobson who coined it in 1972 to describe food… Read More »

How Long are Leftovers Good For?

Depending on the type of leftover, the length of time that they maintain being edible differ. One important aspect for all leftovers is to get the food into refridgeration as soon as possible. It’s recommended that food does not sit out for anymore than two hours before being cooled in the fridge. When food is… Read More »